Last fall I spent some time out at the lake with my littlest bro and in honour of his 23rd Birthday today, I wanted to make a post of some of the images I captured.  This was his second year in a row doing maintenance at Redberry lake for the summer.  This place has always had a special meaning for our family as my late Grampa Walt did this job for many years while we were kids and we have fond memories there.  Dyl has chosen to move on from the job but I know he felt a special connection to Gramps while he worked out there and I was proud of him for the great job that he did.  I was also pretty stoked about this amazing campsite he created and found it incredibly peaceful to spend time with him there, especially having my own personal sanctuary to sleep in, my beloved van Gertie.  The air was crisp and the evenings were a bit chilly but I slept like a rock under my big duvet with the sounds of nature outside my door.  Each time I left feeling rejuvenated and reminded that it is the simple things in life that I crave.  I enjoyed putting together this little documentary style collection of photos, both of his daily routine and also of some other special times we had traveling up to Waskesiu and when other family came up to hang out for the afternoon.  Dylan isn’t really the type for impractical gifts, so I thought sharing these images would help make his day :) Having him be away for the past 6 months and just returning last week, going through these photos was a really is a good reminder of the importance of family and making the best of the time we have together and I know he will appreciate the sentiment.  Happy Birthday kiddo. Love, sis.  052001002003004005006007008009010011012013014015016017018019020021022023024025026027028029030031032033034035036037038039040041042043044045046047048049050051053054055056057058059060061062064065066067068069070071072073074075076077078079080081082083084085086088089090091092093094095096097098099100101103


I’m really happy to share this special wedding with you all.  Erika and David had a gorgeous summer wedding and everything went not only smoothly, but I know guests had a great time attending!  This wedding was in 2015, but I distinctly remember laughing my face off with this wedding party and having a lot of fun.  From the minute I met this couple and they had me over for breakfast eats to discuss their big day, I knew we were going to work well together.  They are super laid back but also very thoughtful and intentional about their celebration.  I appreciated the fact that I could tell the closeness of their family just by being around them for the day – always so nice to see.  They paid special attention to honouring David’s mother at the wedding who had lost a battle to cancer and it was touching to say the hear the family speak of her.  I don’t think this couple particularly loved having their photos taken, but I was once again blown away by how relaxed they were in front of the camera and I absolutely love how the images turned out (just like their engagement shots).  Enjoy taking a browse through!




This adorable little family contacted me about getting lifestyle shots done around their little guy’s 1st birthday! It was so fun to capture them in the park just being themselves! I had never met their little guy as he was still inside his mom’s tummy when I last took their photos. He was a bit shy at first but eventually he came around and we got some wonderful images.  These lifestyle sessions are more about just playing and having fun with your kids than about getting posed shots, which is why I love them so much! The best was when Autumn pulled out her special wrap and started bundling up her babe.  It was totally unscripted and made for some memorable photos! The last image is one of my most favourite that I have ever captured! Thanks again to the Hodgsons for trusting me with this important job.  You guys are wonderful to work with.



This post is pretty special to me as Mia is a longtime friend and I was lucky enough to travel out to Vancouver this past July to spend the week with her and her family and photograph her and Doug’s gorgeous celebration.  I first met Mia about ten years ago when I used to speed swim and she was a lifeguard.  Her roots are in Vancouver but having spent time in and around Regina at a family cottage she decided she wanted to go to University in Saskatchewan and I’m so happy our paths have crossed in life as a result of this.  I soon found myself living in her basement as I went to nursing school as well and we have remained friends since.  Mia has been working as a Pediatrician out in Vancouver for the past couple of years now and we really hadn’t gotten the chance to spend much time together recently but I was so happy to reconnect this year and I felt especially honoured that she wanted me to come out and photograph her wedding, considering there are a million great photogs in Vancouver! I made sure to enjoy every minute of it and cannot wait to go back!

While staying there with her I enjoyed getting to know her now husband Doug (he is witty, a great cook and has fabulous taste), meet their cute pup Archer, do yoga on the amazing patio of their condo, see a few of the sites in Vancouver, catch up with other old friends, go for an awesome run and some nice long walks, meet and stay with her lovely family (such gracious hosts!), eat some delicious food!, experience a class at a Vancouver spin studio (lived to tell the tale), go lane swimming at Kitsilano Pool, do some shopping and hang at the beach! It was a very full week but I was so glad I made a week trip out of it.

The big day itself went off without a hitch thanks to her amazing family, friends and especially her great wedding planners at Spread Love Events! Their attention to detail definitely made for an enjoyable and relatively stress-free day, not to mention the decor was absolutely stunning!

We began the day at Mia’s parent’s place where a few of her closest girlfriends gathered and we had a tasty little brunch.  Her dad was firing off latte’s like a pro and many laughs were had.  I enjoyed capturing candid moments of Mia with her friends as she got her makeup and hair done – some of my favourite photos of the day!  After that Mia and I were picked up and went to meet Doug at the Spanish Banks, a place they frequent with their pup Archer to do the first look.  I loved using this location and it was so fun to hide Doug on the other side of the tree while Mia came out to greet him – such a special moment.  We took some great shots there and wandered around down by the water before heading to meet some family to do family photos.  Mia and her family have spent quite a lot of time at a family cottage near Regina so I know they have a special place in their heart for Saskatchewan.  It was cool to use a location that reminded me a lot of home for their family photos with tall golden grasses.  They turned out great! We hung around there a bit more before starting to make our way to Richmond to the UBC Boathouse where the Ceremony was to be held.  This venue was totally awesome for a non-traditional and relaxed wedding, just what this couple was after.  Before the ceremony guests milled about visiting and having cocktails and as Mia and her dad began walking down the ‘aisle’ everyone formed a semi circle which looked out onto the water.  It was so magical and basically a wedding photographer’s dream venue! A family friend and Mia’s brother played beautiful music to start things off and Doug’s uncle did a lovely job preforming the ceremony.  The indoor part of the venue had lots of gorgeous natural light and the meal was fabulous.  I know how much everyone loved the peach cobbler and Ernest Ice Cream as well – it was so good I think I was eating my ice cream out of the jar by the end! I enjoyed visiting with friends while I captured some great laughs and smiles during the speeches.  I made sure to take them out for a quick sunset session as the sun began to fade but it was several minutes after the sun went down that the sky really gave us an amazing show.  The next day the paper even talked about how especially gorgeous the sky was that night and we all thought it was a nice touch to finish off the day.  We all danced and sang late into the night to the music of the Broken Strings – these guys were by far the best wedding band I had ever heard.  Everyone had an absolute blast as you can see below!

The day was truly unique and beautiful and it was so great to see my friend so happy.  Mia is a gentle soul with one of the best smiles I know of and I can see just what a great fit Doug is for her and how happy they both are.  I put a lot of heart into these photos and am so thrilled to be able to share them with this special couple all those who love them.  Please enjoy!











I was so glad we finally had a nice night for this shoot. With the forest fires up north, we needed to reschedule a few times as it wasn’t great air quality for a pregnant mama! But we finally got out on a nice overcast evening to get these beautiful images.  I loved these moments with Jade and Michael a few weeks before they got to be parents.  I just got word last week that their sweet little boy has arrived so next up is their newborn lifestyle session!

I loved the outfits that she picked for their shoot and I especially loved the hat that we played with at the end! So cute and fun :) Such a nice couple to work with, it’s always great when I get to meet new fantastic people!