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Hayley & Ryan: Sneak Peek

These two are madly in love and it shows in every one of their photos. This is just a sneak peek but I had to put up 4 because it’llView full post »

Lexi and Jake: Sneak Peek

Can’t wait to share more from this GORGEOUS wedding.  Alexis and Jacob are super cute and amazing people. Hope you’re enjoyingView full post »

Ashley and TJ in Regina: Sneak Peek!

My favorite pic from this beautiful spring wedding yesterday!View full post »

Brielle is 6 months old! Sneak Peek!

Wow, this family is too much cuteness for words. Or photos. They’re the best. Can’t wait to show more from this session.  OnceView full post »

Courtney and Stuart

Excited for this Lanigan wedding next fall! Eventually I’ll catch up with my work and be able to share more from this great session!View full post »

Ashley and T.J.: Engagement Sneak Peek

These two asked me to do their Regina wedding next May! More to come eventually!View full post »

Tyler and Ashley: Sneak Peek

10.10.10 in Regina! Amazing couple – Ashley and Tyler.  What a gorgeous day!View full post »

Tyler and Ashley: Engagement Session

Just a small peek from this awesome session..will definitely show more soon! Thanksgiving wedding in Regina in 3 weeks!View full post »

Jeremie and Elaine: Last Summer/First Fall Wedding of the year!

It’s just a sneak peek so don’t get too excited! This was a gorgeous wedding and a ton of fun to boot! What a dress!View full post »

Landon & Maureen: Sneak Peek!

Seriously hot couple.  Maureen was a classic and timeless beauty.  What a special wedding this was! Can’t wait to catch up on my workView full post »

Shauna and Brayden: Mountain Wedding Sneak Peek!!

I had to pull my jaw off my desk while looking through these pics…I think they were both models in their past lives…Can’tView full post »

Sarah and Jarrod: Sneak Peek!

Wow it seems like forever since I’ve posted anything!  August has been super busy and it’s not over yet! This is a sneak peakView full post »